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Karolina Larusdottir

Karolina Larusdottir (1944)

Karolina was given honorary status in 2014 to the Royal Etchers & Engravers and Royal Watercolour Society.This artist creates a world of her own, with imaginary people maybe from memory or ideas which often involve floating angels and strange scenarios all wrapped up in a surreal and timeless atmosphere.

Kit Leese

Kit Leese

Kit is an Essex based artist and is an experienced landscape painter who specialises in gouache and watercolour. He is also a printmaker and one of the founding members of Twelve PM

Jill Leman  PRWS RBA

Jill Leman PRWS RBA

Current President of The Royal Watercolour Society. Jill is best known for hers distinctive colourful yet subtle still lives full of beauty and tenderness

Martin Leman  RBA RWS

Martin Leman RBA RWS (1934)

Known worldwide for his cat paintings but is also an excellent painter of still life which often containing stones with a sense of St. Ives about them. Martin has had many one man shows in London, and has also shown regularly in St Ives.

Angie Lewin

Angie Lewin (1963)

Angie Lewin is a well known printmaker and painter known for her unique style capturing plants, flowers, seedheads and more.

Jane Lewis  RWS

Jane Lewis RWS

Jane expresses herself through abstract forms and colours.

Sanchia Lewis

Sanchia Lewis (1960)

Best knowns for her paintings and prints af animals whereby she has used her subconscious mind. Her ideas evolve into richly textured, brightly coloured works

Joe Lichtenstein

Joe Lichtenstein

A young artist

Kate Lowe

Kate Lowe

This artist employs tropical decadent colours in her paintings to illustrate her passion of the sea, sky and landscape. Figures and some animals also feature in her work.

Stephen Lawrence Lowry  RBA RA

Stephen Lawrence Lowry RBA RA (1887 - 1976)

Lowry is best known for his industrial landscapes which include matchstick men and women

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