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Rene Magritte

Rene Magritte (1898 - 1967)

He became well known for creating a number of witty and thought-provoking images. Often depicting ordinary objects in an unusual context, his work is known for challenging observers' preconditioned perceptions of reality. His imagery has influenced Pop art, minimalist and conceptual art.

Andre Masson

Andre Masson (1896 - 1987)

French painter, sculptor, illustrator, designer and writer, known as a Surrealist artist

Henri Matisse

Henri Matisse (1869 - 1954)

A pioneer of the Fauvist Movement he unashamedly wanted his work to fill peoples lives with colour, lift them up and make them feel optimistic about life. Regarded as one of the defining artists of the early 20th century.

Roberto Matta

Roberto Matta (1911 - 2002)

Roberto Sebastián Antonio Matta Echaurren, better known as Roberto Matta, was one of Chile's best-known painters and a seminal figure in 20th century abstract expressionist and surrealist art

Kay McDonagh

Kay McDonagh

Kay is known for her exquisite drypoint etchings of animals, in particular cats and dogs

Bruce McLean

Bruce McLean (1944)

Initially a sculptor who likes to convey sculptural objects now mainly in 2D form. Best known for his bold atmospheric predominantly abstract compositions.

Edward Middleditch  RA, RCA

Edward Middleditch RA, RCA (1923 - 1987)

Best known as a Kitchen Sink artist. He attended Royal College of Art, where his teachers were Ruskin Spear, Carel Weight and John Minton.

Helen Millar

Helen Millar

Helen is a watercolour artist best known for her fascination with organic pattern and especially her depictions of flowers. With a background of textile design having worked with Sandersons and John Lewis.

Sir Henry Moore

Sir Henry Moore (1898 - 1986)

He was best known for his semi-abstract monumental bronze sculptures which are located around the world as public works of art. The most famous British Sculptor in living memory, noted for his large bronze abstractions of the human figure, typically depicting mother-and-child or reclining figures.

Elizabeth Morris

Elizabeth Morris

Liz is a printmaker who enjoys islands and the sea. Sea and sand patterns, shapes of stones, textures, imprints in mud and tracks of birds, fish, gulls - and most recently – sea myths and biblical stories with sea references, are all used as starting points for her etchings

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