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View works by Daphne Sandham

Daphne Sandham

Daphne paints landscapes and portraits in oil, and watercolours, makes pots and continues printmaking.

View works by Pat Schaverien

Pat Schaverien

Known for her beautiful etchings of animals

View works by Pam Schomberg

Pam Schomberg (tbc)

Pam lives & works in North Essex. She specializes in constructed and hand-built porcelain and stoneware.

View works by Anne Scwegmann-Fielding

Anne Scwegmann-Fielding (tbc)

Anne Schwegmann-Fielding is an internationally renowned British sculptor and mosaic artist. She has been creating artworks using predominantly recycled materials for commission and exhibition since the early 1990's. She is based in the Roman capital of Britain, Colchester, UK

View works by Arabella Shand

Arabella Shand

Using oils Arabella employs a delightful spectrum of seductive gentle colours with engaging compositions to lead the eye around the painting. Her main inspiration starts with domestic interiors and family life.

View works by Michael Smee

Michael Smee (1946)

Michael’s paintings reflect his interest in bar/cafe and pub life and the interaction of people within. Capturing a very British Culture which is slowly disappearing

View works by Jenny Southam

Jenny Southam

Jenny lives in Devon and works from her studio at home. l hand-built figurative ceramic sculptures, especially cats

View works by Tessa Spencer Pryse  RBA

Tessa Spencer Pryse RBA (tbc)

Tessa is based in Essex, East Anglia and her foremost talent is her successful capturing of light and colour as it bounces, reflects and highlights. Seascapes, estuary views of Essex, French vistas, cafe scenes, Venice markets and the occasional still life fill her canvasses. Her work is influenced by the French Impressionists and Scottish Colourists

View works by Humphrey Spender

Humphrey Spender (1910 - 2005)

Known foremost as a photographer He was given the job as the roving ‘Lensman’ by the Daily Mirror in 1935. In 1937 Spender became the photographer for the Mass Observation project, where he maintained the importance of being the ‘unobserved observer’. He subsequently worked for Picture Post magazine and as an Official War Office photographer during World War 2.

View works by Alison Stockmarr

Alison Stockmarr

Currently she creates collaged art works that she defines in four distinct categories; Face Books, Picture Books, Collaged Record Covers and Alphabetical Encyclopaedias, all carried off with her signature playfulness and semantic irony and poking fun at social media.

View works by Susie Stone

Susie Stone

Influenced by contemporary portraiture, fashion photography and fashion illustration Susie’s work is a celebration of women

View works by Stephanie Stow

Stephanie Stow

Stephanie is an abstract artist who paints using beautiful colours to convey her feelings towards nature and its ever changing patterns and moods.

Due to the current circumstances we are operating as an online gallery. Please telephone us to arrange a viewing of an art work.

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