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View works by Simon Carter

Simon Carter (1961)

Simon Carter, studied Art at North East London Polytechnic and still lives and works in North Essex today. Living close to the coastline Carter continuously makes records of observation in drawings, which are later transfigured into paint back in his studio

View works by Patrick Caulfield CBE RA ARCA

Patrick Caulfield CBE RA ARCA (1936 - 2005)

Caulfield was part of the British Pop Art Movement. His distinguished style of minimal lines and flat colours was revolutionary at the time.

View works by Bernard Cheese  RCA R.E.

Bernard Cheese RCA R.E. (1925 - 2013)

Cheese, who was married to Sheila Robinson. Strong connections with Great Bardfield in the 1950s. He studied at the Royal College of Art, where he was influenced by Edwin La Dell. printmaking at St Martin's School of Art from 1950 to 1968, then at Goldsmiths College from 1970Ė78, and Central School of Art and Design.[1]

View works by Chloe Cheese  RCA

Chloe Cheese RCA (1952)

ChloŽ Cheese began work as an artist and freelance illustrator after leaving the Royal College of Art in 1976. She wanted her work to feel informal as though drawn directly onto the printed page. She rarely drew figures. ChloŽʼs personal work always concerns her view of the world around her which she interprets according to her own observation and sensibility.

View works by Peter Coker  RA RCA

Peter Coker RA RCA (1926 - 2004)

Coker was a painter and printmaker who was connected to the Kitchen Sink artists in 1950's. He was a strong advocate for draughtsmanship and was inspired by the natural world

View works by Henry Collins

Henry Collins (1910 - 1994)

A colchester based artist who worked as a designer, painter, and Art Tutor

View works by Eileen Cooper  RA

Eileen Cooper RA (1953)

Well known as a printmaker and painter, her stylised work is characterised by the use of bold linear figures encompassing a playful narrative.

View works by Chis Corr

Chis Corr

Corr is known for painting people and places in exuberant and joyful colours in an charming and playful way.

View works by Michael Coulter

Michael Coulter (1937)

Michael's observation of people, birds and the ordinary are portrayed skilfully with a light touch and quirky charm. Coastal and estuary settings of Essex, Suffolk & Norfolk regularly feature in his work.

View works by Hugh Cronyn

Hugh Cronyn (1905 - 1996)

A successful figurative painter and printmaker who had a strong connection with Colchester Art Society

View works by Clare Curtis

Clare Curtis (00)

Stunning printmaker & Illustrator who lives and works in East Anglia

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