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Arctic Glacier by Barbara Rae CBE RA (1943)


Arctic Glacier

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Image Size 

80 x 88 cm

Paper Size 

96 x 103 cm



Commencing in 2015, Barbara undertook four voyages following the route of the fabled North West Passage. The search for the elusive route to the east took many lives and was an obsession by countries eager to be first to form a new trade route to eastern markets.

Barbara followed the desired route of the English explorer, John Franklin whose futile and ill prepared expedition ended in the loss of all lives.
Her namesake, Dr John Rae, was sent out to find what fate befell them.
That was the motivation for my travels.

I was fascinated by this immense, desolate landscape, the home of the Inuit, and the thought of these English seamen, completely unaware of their chances of survival in this harsh, alien environment.

These majestic immense glaciers and icebergs in their quiet, silent world were compelling and dramatic.

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