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Dancing Over Venice by Sir Peter Blake OBE (1932)


Dancing Over Venice

Signed Screenprint





Image Size 

210 x 133 cm

Paper Size 

305 x 407 cm



from The Venice Suite.

The Venice Suite was inspired by Blake's trip to Venice for the Biennale of 2007. Each piece in the portfolio is a jewel of his trademark collage style. Blake combines traditional images of the city on the lagoon with visual excerpts from vintage childrens' books, photographs, postcards, as well as details from works of the old masters. This visual witticism is teamed with a palette of turquoise, gold and the grey of the stones of Venice to create a surreal fairytale vision of the city. Blake juxtaposes the baroque grandeur of the architectural icons of Venice with giant penguins, wartime bombers, Edwardian rowers and icebergs to name a few. The end result is a portfolio of works that are playful, imaginative, beautiful, immensely varied and representative of Sir Peter Blake's unique vision.

Dancing Over Venice : a group of Man Ray-esque dancers float above the promenade. A full moon completes the composition.
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