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Biography for Dione Page R.W.A (0000)

Dione Page was born in the late 1930’s and is both a true Essex and local Artist.  Up until the age of 18, Dione was brought up in Tolleshunt Major near Maldon followed by studying Fine Art under John O’Connor at Colchester School of Art. Then living only a few miles outside Colchester where she still resides today.  However, it was during Dione’s early years living around Maldon that she first took an interest in boats and Maritime life which one sees reflected even now in her artwork. As a local to this area the sea was and still is a familiar and important part of her life.


When you first set eyes on Dione Page’s paintings you will be bowled over by the sheer passion richness and outbursts of delicious colour.  Each painting contains its own life force and energy to beguile you.  When asked how she approaches her painting Dione says that an idea comes up in her mind and then it persists until she paints it.  However it is the small simple details which inspire her most, for example, how the delicate shape of a jug full of lilies works against a traditionally patterned Japanese vase or the subtle form of a group of shells nestled in the foreground contrast to the bold structures of boats behind  further complimented by a dramatic sea view beyond. This artist enjoys weaving together still lifes with landscapes seascapes and skyscapes – sometimes all in the same painting.  All areas of the composition are filled with love and intrigue.  She thoughtfully employs gouache and mixed media to capture all the details shapes and patterns she so enjoys using her sense of design to make the composition exciting and inspiring. The end results are always magical and atmospheric paintings – a world within a world, extraordinary yet familiar.


Page’s main artistic influences are Mary Fedden and the late Essex War Artist Edward Bawden.  Both of these artists again take the ordinary and make it extraordinary using composition, reality and imagination to create worlds we partially recognize.  Dione Page’s talents as an artist have long been recognised.  She has the honour of being a selected Member of Royal West England Academy, enjoyed exhibiting at The Royal Academy Summer Exhibitions along with many one-woman exhibitions predominantly in East Anglia. Her work is in many impressive private and public collections including in the collection of the National Museum of Wales

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