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Biography for Barbara Peirson (tbc)

Barbara was born in Newcastle upon Tyne, but has long been based in the Essex coastal town of Wivenhoe, at home by the edge of the North Sea. Surprisingly Barbara Peirson’s background is in the theatre. She trained as an actor, and has spent many years touring with theatre companies, been in films and on television Perhaps it is because of her background a sense of narrative pervades the paintings, albeit elusive, offering a new perspective to her subject.

Even when Barbara’s theatrical work takes her away from home she will have paints with her and scavenge pieces of cardboard to paint on, making each artwork feel personal and authentic.  She is interested in figures in seascapes & landscapes, frequently emerging and disappearing from view, glimpses of fleeting moments. Most mornings she wakes early and goes out along the estuary where she lives, capturing the dawn light mirrored in the water and wet mud, sketching marshland birds and small fishing vessels in the early morning mist. Later she will develop the sketches into paintings sometimes introducing displaced figures from memory or old photographs. However it is the combination of incredibly soft beautiful colours, naïve style and sense of untold stories which draws you in.

Painting mostly in acrylics, occasional wax crayons, gouache and acrylic ink,  Barbara enjoys the textures of paint, physically wiping off, scraping and playing with the surface is all part of her creative process.

 As a member of the esteemed Contemporary British Painting group and participates regularly in group shows. She has work in private and public collection both in the UK and abroad. 

Hayletts Gallery, Oakwood House, 2 High Street, Maldon, Essex CM9 5PJ

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